Bad Service in Northampton
14th December 2009
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A great lunchtime networking event at Felix Yu's on Friday!


Yes, we had another successful lunchtime event last Friday at Felix Yu's.  Who was there - well, Joe Birkedale from Karbon Creative, James from ServiceMaster, the girls from AMC Law, Richard Foreskitt from DFA Law, Nick Warne from Cottons Accountants, Teresa Hooper from Homexperts, Jeanette from Business Link, Cliff King from King Commercial Property Lawyers, and of course Robin and I from thebestofnorthampton.

Robin was on Radio Northampton last week, talking about some really rubbish service his parents had had from a well known local retailer.  Basically, they had bought a washing machine that clearly was faulty.  Over a period of about 4 months, they had had 4 engineers out to put it right, but to no avail.  They should have replaced the machine.  When Robin got involved, he went to the retailer in Northampton where they purchased it and was told that they could do absolutely nothing.  They washed their hands of it completely and told him to complain to the MD in Hull.  No-one would speak to him!  So he decided to speak to Radio Northampton, who were only too happy to get involved.  Anyway, they went straight to the Media Department of the chain store and lo and behold, Robin's parents have now got a brand new washing machine.  It just goes to show that if you persist, then the power of the public voice must be heard in the end.  It was a really unjust way of dealing with people, especially as Robin's parents are in their 80's.

So thanks to Northampton Radio for helping us hightlight the poor service of these major chains, and thanks for helping us shame them into doing the right thing!

We went to the Mirpur Tandoori on Saturday night, and who did we see in there but the guys from Calmac Tyres out on their Christmas do!  Very good to see them, and they were thrilled with Mark's write up in the magazine.


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