14 Days of Love
3rd February 2010
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This thing is going nuclear!  The 14 days of Love campaign is having a massive effect on all Northampton businesses.  Blimey!  What a great thing to see - good Northampton businesses being 'loved up' by their customers.  It is awesome.  We know that it's the small businesses that have kept this country going over the last 18 months, getting to work to help their customers, braving wind, rain, sleet and snow, let alone the economic slump that has been going on, with no money (help or advice from the once friendly Bank Manager!), limited cash flow, falling foot fall but higher customer expectations.  It's about time we thanked them, showed some love for them and really appreciated them. 


If you've not seen our campaign '14 Days of Love', then I truly urge you to go onto this website



and vote for your favourite Northampton business.  The business that has helped you out, gone the extra mile to give you great service, or have just been very nice people that have made your day so much better.


There's no catch, no monetary gain, no hidden agenda.  It's all about people - really, and giving back to the unsung heroes that have kept this country going, even when the Banks and the Government couldn't.


Show some love, share your love and gratitude for those poor business owners that are out there to help us all - the unsung heroes need a little TLC!!


Lots of Love

Alison xx


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