14th July 2008
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Well, what can I say! We have had the most diverse weekend in Northampton! Where else can you go to a champagne bar (Corkers, of course!), then on for a curry (Mensaab, of course!) and THEN onto an Ensemble at Christ Church! We were invited to the Northampton Chamber Choir production of 'The Armed Man' - A Mass for Peace. It was fascinating and truly beautifully sung. It tells the story of what War has done over the centuries to both countries and to the common man. It was a piece that incorporated all religions and creeds. What impressed me was the Islamic Call to Prayers. The gentleman that sung it actually comes from Bedford (but we won't hold that against him!!). He is a Pharmaceutical Sales Manager by trade, but his voice was absolutely stunning. One of those voices that sends shivers down your spine. Melifluous! Also, Ruth Trinder, who was singing Soprano has the most beautiful voice. It was a really good evening. If you've never been to see the Northampton Chamber Choir, then I fully recommend it - a bit of culture never did anyone any harm!
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