Unusual Facts about North Lincolnshire
25th February 2017
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1. Scunthorpe is the largest steel processing centre in the country and is also known as the 'Industrial Garden Town' for this reason.

2. Barton upon Humber is the most Northerly town in North Lincolnshire. St Peters church has a Saxon tower and close by a cemetery where remains of 227 Anglo Saxon inviduals.

3. Crowle was developed in the 11th Century and grew in population until the late Middle Ages.

4. Did you know that Catherine Parr, the sixth wife Henry V111 once lived in the village of Kirton in Lindsey.

 5. Were you aware that in 1968 workers found a huge stone coffin whilst working close to the Winterton on the A1077. It contained the skeleton of a young woman aged between 20 and 25 years of age.

 6. One of the most Haunted places in North Lincolnshire is reported to be the Old Rectory in Epworth where a gardener has been regularly seen. He was linked to the original Wesley family and died in 1716.

  7. It may be the Industrial Garden Town but Scunthorpe has 550sqkm of Natural Beauty around the area.

  8. Brigg was originally known as Glanford Brigg, a name linked with the Anglo-Saxon period at the crossing of the river Ancholme. The town dates from before 1183, and a short time later formal charter was given for a weekly market and yearly fair to be held.

9. The history of Winterton goes back to Roman times and there are a number of examples of Roman mosaics and remains which have been found in the area.

10. A ferry to Hull over the River Humber began in 1351 being granted by Edward the second. This ferry was seperceded by a new ferry located just down the road at New Holland in 1820.

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