How to tell if your Cat is Pregnant
12th May 2017
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If your female cat has not been spayed the chances are that it will come into season after about six months of age. This is known as coming on call.

The signs to look out for are:

1.       A cat will make loud prolonged noises and will raise their back ends to attract a mate.

2.       Cats can have mood changes, they can be more aggressive towards other animals and more friendly to their owners.

3.       Cats can suffer with short bouts of morning sickness, this is normal so don’t worry.

4.       A change in their nipples will be notice after 3 weeks. They will turn a pink colour and become more prominent, this is called pinking.

5.       They will develop a better appetite during pregnancy.

6.       Look out for the growing abdomen, the tummy will become fuller in size.

7.       Towards the end of their pregnancy cats will look for a safe place (nesting area) to give birth.

8.       Full term pregnancies are between 63 and 67 days gestation period.

9.       Cats become more sensitive to loud noises during pregnancy.

10.  Nipples may produce small drops of milk just prior to giving birth and may have a tendency to go off their food.



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