How to Gather Free Backlinks for Enhancing Your Search Engine Rankings
3rd May 2017
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Backlinks could be helpful in making you achieve higher ranking on SERP. Backlinks are meant to let the search engines know that your website is actually an authority on some specific topic. Therefore, when you have more backlinks from high authority and high-quality sites, your site would be getting a higher ranking on SERPs. Here are some effective ways of receiving free backlinks for boosting your rankings on SERPs.


Consistently Add High-Quality Blogs

You must try your best to maintain a really consistent flow of blogs with brilliant content. You need to keep on creating top quality blog content, the kind others would obviously wish to link with. This is an effective way of generating inbound links organically and consistently.


Do Not Forget to Link Your Blog with Other Blogs

A blog is an important social tool. It is a good idea to link with other bloggers. You must do it steadily in an opportunity-driven manner so that the other bloggers would be returning the favor. Moreover, it is just not possible for your blog to cover all aspects of any topic. It is obviously, a wiser move to consider leveraging the treasure trove of resources available on the Internet for making the experience on your blog a more rewarding one for all your readers.


Consider Writing Guest Blogs

You must create an exceptional blog post and ask other blogs if your post could complement their blogs. If anybody is willing to accept your post, he would be giving you an inbound link. If you are not sure for whom to write guest blogs, you could get in touch with media outlets and submit your original articles of subjects that are related to their readership. Some of the notable media outlets include Business Insider, New York Times, Mashable, and more.


Assist Everyone by Curating and Publishing Useful Resource Lists

Resource lists are supposed to be of great help to your readers and they could be used as excellent link baits. If you are able to come up with an exhaustive resource list, others bloggers would find it easy to link to it whenever they wish to in their own blog posts, instead of curating and rehashing the entire content on their own. Get in touch with the experts for all the SEO services you may need.


Come Up with Case Studies about Top Clients

If your clients are made to look really good and positive in case studies relating to their business, they would be too happy to link to your website. You must choose organizations that have witnessed the best results, are quite passionate, and are fully aware of your specific service or product. You must ask the relevant questions and present the case study in a comprehensive and attractive manner.


Create Book Reviews

If you are able to provide a wonderful and truly comprehensive review regarding the content of another author, there is every possibility that he and others would be linking to you.



There are numerous other effective ways of building high-quality backlinks to your specific site but the above-discussed points should give you a robust start. Earning quality links is a pretty time-consuming affair and it is certainly a long-drawn process. However, this is the most sustainable technique for achieving top rankings on SERPs.


Author Bio: Mandy Bular is an SEO specialist and consultant attached to an SEO consultancy agency in New York. She runs her own blog and advises her readers on various SEO services. Her followers are attracted to her blog posts as they are very informative and helpful. 

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