Manage your Instagram Interactions Using these Incredible Third Party Social Media Tools
3rd May 2017
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Who just stopped following me? What are my followers up to? Such questions are common amongst Instagram users. Let us consider the issue of unfollowing for instance. Instagram followers might not be as loyal as you would really want them to be. A trick that many people use is following someone but once they get followed back they hit the ‘unfollow’ button. This gives them a great following while you remain with few followers.


Unless you have very few followers (say 30 or so), it is very difficult to scroll down your ‘following’ and ‘followers’ lists to determine who it is that just stopped following you. A few years back, doing so was the only way out but not anymore. Today, you can use multiple social media applications to track those who have unfollowed you and much more.


1.      Unfollowers for Instagram

This application comes in handy for android users. It allows you to log into your Instagram account and track all the aspects of your Instagram followers. Here, you will be able to see the users who unfollowed you recently, those that have not followed you back and other things like ghost followers (those that have not left any comment or like under the last 10 publications).


The good thing about this application is that it is free and works easily with all android versions. It also allows you to follow or unfollow users directly from the application. However, it is in no way affiliated to Instagram. With over 5 million downloads, there is no doubt it is an amazing application.

2.      Cleaner for Instagram

For iOS users, this is the ultimate solution. This application allows you to unfollow the users that have not followed you back and block ghost or inactive followers. Even more, you can use this social media application to delete old posts that you no longer wish to share with your followers for Instagram. Interestingly, this application can also come handy when you want to unlike previously liked photos and videos that may no longer interest you.

It is amazing how this application can keep your account organized. It can work in the background to do everything listed above. With a rating of 4.5 stars and a ‘free for all’ tag, it is something worth trying.

3.      Unfollow fast for Instagram

Here, Blackberry users have something to smile about. If you use a Blackberry, you can track your Instagram followers as well using this application. The amazing thing about this application is that it has no advertisements. With icons enabling you to unfollow those users that unfollowed you, you can perfectly organize your account as you deem fit using this tool.



Social media makes the world go round. To keep the interaction going on platforms like Instagram, you can use third-party applications to track the activities of your followers. Even more, these applications come in handy in managing your account better than ever before.



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