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Party Pixies, North Down

Paula makes a day special. Having children herself she knows just how to get them all to have fun. With the ʼstick-onʼ tatoos, nail art, face-painting and other fun things everyone goes home looking really trendy and happy.

Bangor Auctions, North Down

It is amazing what you can find at bangor Auction Rooms. Even if you are not planning on buying anything then go, as it is an experience. If you see something you are interested in it is good fun bidding for it. I was nervous, but the guys who are in charge make it easy and you get into it. I went for the first time a while a go and now enjoy going just to see if anything is there. There always is but some of the furniture goes at such a good price and you have fun bidding for it too.

Templeton Robinson, North Down

Templeton Robinson are very helpful and make the stressful process of house buying/selling easier. The staff are always smiling and the shop is clearly arranged. Their valuations seem fairly accurate and so are not mis-leading.