Why do you continue to pay these charges?
22nd August 2011
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Back from a weeks sailing off the West Coast of Scotland, I note that more fund managers are increasing the annual management charges they take from your investments, ISAs and pension plans. According to Lipper, the fund analysts, the average annual fee is now an astonishing 1.7% per year. Why? When it is possible to achieve a fund charge of 0.5% or even less. On a mixture of investments and pension plans totalling, say, £100,000 this is a £1,200 per year saving.  Wouldn't you prefer to retain that money within your investments to help them grow?


For about 0.8% you could have your investments and pensions cared for, with regular meetings to ensure you are bang up-to-date. Yes, that's right, for less than half the cost of the average fund charge above, you could “outsource" your financial planning and be better organised than you are now.


In these days when every penny needs to count,.....what are you waiting for? The answer probably is that you're so busy looking after your own business and your clients that you don't have time for yourself - and still don't trust where you can go to get independent, un-biased, expert help.


Why not take a first step right now and go to www.makingmoneymakesense.co.uk. At least there you can look at our testimonials and see the range of people who have trusted us to help them change their future by taking control of their finances and getting organised.


When you've done that, why not give me a call on (07767) 450097. It costs you nothing but could change your life.


I look forward to chatting to you.


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