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25th August 2012
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When you have decided you want to sell your house, it can be all too easy to be seduced by pound signs when you receive the market appraisals from several estate agents. The prospect of extra money means you could purchase a more expensive house, or reduce some of your debts. However choosing your estate agent based purely on the listing price they recommend, might not be the quickest way to sell your home. As experienced Estate Agents, we know that sellers often have a fixed idea as to what value they need to achieve; but a successful sale comes down to what the buyer thinks it’s worth and is prepared to pay. Your estate agent’s first job is to tell you the fair market value of your home, and this is where the integrity of a Chartered Surveyor firm is so important as they are bound by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to adhere to professional rules of conduct when valuing property for sale. When we value homes for sale we take many factors into account, including: a comparison of similar properties, our knowledge of the local housing market and include any price adjustments for individual unique selling points (USPs). It’s our job to sell your home for you at the best possible price within the required timescale and our valuations are always based with this in mind.” There is a critical period when a house first comes onto the market during which we have the greatest opportunity to achieve a sale by maximising the most activity from prospective buyers. During this time, we actively market the property, promote its USPs, match it to waiting buyers, conduct viewings and o negotiate on offers. But this is only achievable with a fair market valuation. If you choose an above-market valuation, you run the risk of your house losing momentum during this critical period, as prospective purchasers sit back and watch to see what happens. We know from experience that the longer a house stays on the market, the ‘more stale’ it becomes; the more questions are raised in a buyer’s mind and doubts sets in. We advise clients to never be afraid of putting the house on the market at a fair and true market valuation. This may be less than they initially had in mind, but will generate increased buyer interest. If multiple purchase offers do come in, then the price of the house will automatically go up as buyers vie against each other.“ If you choose a fair market valuation and the right estate agent there is absolutely no reason why your house shouldn’t sell quickly, even in the current financial climate. If your house has been on the market for some time, perhaps now might be the time to ask Alasdair Morrison and Partners to give you an updated, accurate and un-biased market valuation and consider a new estate agent. If you truly want to sell your home, then take action now and give us a call on Newark 01636 700888
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