The X Factor becomes 'hip'
14th December 2009
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Fashion, Dannii Minogue’s bob, fake tears, fake faces, Jedward, fights, laughter, schmaltz, voiceovers and Holly.
The conversations at parties’ centre on the X Factor, people arrive late to parties and there is noticeable inactivity before 9.30pm. What is especially significant is that the ‘cool’ elite are happy to admit loving something that is so mainstream.
At a time when financial Armageddon threatens and the world is generally hideous, the X Factor is great value on so many fronts.
We almost gave up on it when Danyl went but folded and tuned in Sunday night. I have to say I hated the winner's song – very prosaic but then I guess it suited the winner. Meow!

X Factor won on the fashion stakes and has become great theatre. And you know when Simon says 'that was pure magic' - he is seeing pure gold!

Now I know for sure that the Sunday Times has called the show cool, I can, coward that I am, admit that I am looking forward to next year's X Factor Pantomime, 2010.

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