Thank you to Barry and Tread Rite Tyres in Newark
27th February 2010
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So you get the gist.

Hopeless woman - not sure what the flashing red light means on dashboard, late for a new business appointment, feverishly praying that it's a tyre pressure situation, swings into garage on the A1 and is momentarily blinded. What does a tyre pressure thing look like?

Having never stuck a nozzle in a tyre before (I know - where is my sense of responsibility? No idea) and having no conception on how to measure pressure I take all my tyres up to 47. It was a number I found in the handbook. And no I don't think my mini is a bouncy castle!

I wobbled in to Newark (I have run flat tyres), trying to find Jez's (Tread Rite Tyres the best tyre fitters in Newark) phone number on my mobile. Tread Rite are mobile tyre fitters, so they come to you. The chance of him being around I knew was slim; but at that moment in time, stress levels very high, mini shaking I needed Jez! Couldn't find the number - the first mob I came across was Barry - Van Can Do (you will find his movements on Twitter) and bless him he very calmly chased down Jez's number. Now this may sound all very banal to you but I was in a crisis and this network of friends and businesses I realised had become very important. These guys really can help.

Anyway Alleluia, Jez was in, he found the nail in the wheel, he had a spare tyre and he took over.

I could have hugged him - and maybe I just did! Thank you Barry and Tread Rite Tyres.



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