Tea Party at The Barn Gallery, Southwell, Newark
16th April 2010
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The thrown teapots and mugs that are on display at The Barn Gallery near Newark have been created by many of the country’s leading craft potters and demonstrate the versatility of clay. Using stoneware, earthenware or porcelain clay each piece is hand-made and unique. The various techniques used by the potters, some dating back many centuries, are all personal statements and reflect their creativity and affinity with clay.

Yes you can buy a mass-produced mug for 50p, but these type of mugs are hardly worthy of being displayed when not in use and do not have that special feel and character that a hand-made mug has. 

Peter is very keen to introduce Barn Gallery visitors to high quality art and craft and he feels that a display of well-made domestic ware is an ‘easy entry’ into the appreciation of contemporary ceramics.

And you’ll REALLY enjoy your cuppa!

The picture below has nothing to do with tea but is Loch Greshonish, Isle of Skye, which is currently being exhibited

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