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21st November 2010
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I am writing to let you know about some lovely new treatments and products and to keep you up to date with a couple of admin changes.

Change of e-mail address

My Serendipity website and e-mail address will be changing after 10th November. Until the new domain and website is up and running please e-mail me at:
My main contact number is still my mobile: 07929 011610

New products give fantastic results

Priori the anti-ageing authority in skin care have released Cellular Recovery Complex. This fantastic product is one to be shouted about from the rafters. Primarily targeting the over 40’s it “delivers powerful DNA repair enzymes to the skin to improve the appearance of ageing skin and is designed to accelerate or boost any anti-ageing skin care regime.” It also contains powerful anti-oxidants to reduce skin sensitivity and damage which may be caused by the environment or lifestyle.

I have to say that I started using this a few months ago and within 3-4 weeks I noticed the improvement in my skin and so did many of my clients, telling me how well I looked. Since then clients who have purchased the product have said how much more hydrated their skin is and how quickly fine lines and wrinkles were reduced. Some have also said that they now use less day cream as the effects of Cellular Repair have had such a marked improvement on the skin.

Cost of the product is £90.00 for 50mls, so it isn’t the cheapest product out there but it is most likely the most effective. You apply 2 pumps every morning after cleansing and then apply your moisturiser and sun screen.

Priori CoffeeBerry 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals A fabulous new make up range from Priori. Because CoffeeBerry mineral make up is 100% natural, so too are the containers which are made from biodegradable ingredients and all the brushes are eco-friendly and cruelty free. On top of that they have an SPF of 25 and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and will not clog your pores. All together perfect!!

I have a couple of testers in the salon, these include 2 shades of Perfecting Foundation and the Perfecting Concealer which has been designed to conceal, Rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles etc.

Although the minerals are a powder as you circle them onto your skin it appears to melt with your skin, you carry on applying until you have the coverage you require. You can then apply Finishing Touch if you wish – ideal for those with open pores or a slightly oiler skin type.
You are welcome to make an appointment to try them or ask me to apply them after your next facial.

Cost of product is £32.00

Remember skin protection

While the sun is refusing to shine at the moment, the wind and the rain will still have an adverse effect on your skin so please remember to continue to add Skin Protector to your skin care regime over your moisturiser. Vitage SPF30 is fabulous and is only £14.00, if you prefer a slightly lighter texture Daily Defense by Priori is £16.00.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Just a reminder that I do offer gift vouchers, they are individually written so you can choose one or more treatments or an amount of money for the recipient to spend on a treatment of their choice.

Skin Care products may also be given as gifts, the CoffeeBerry Body Emulsion at £38.00 is heavenly. Priori AHA Revitalizing Hand and Body Lotion will smooth and hydrate for £24.00. The award winning AHA Smoothing Eye Serum is £37.00

If you wish to put any of these things on your Christmas list please let your friends and family know in good time as I keep a limited amount of stock. I will be able to order from head office up to 14th December, however while products often arrive within 48hours, it may take longer the closer we get to Christmas so anything ordered after the 14th may not arrive in time.

Parking and Turning 2, Floral Villas, Sutton on Trent, Newark

Finally, a request on behalf of my next door neighbour, who has asked if clients could please avoid using his driveway to turn as it is damaging his block paving. I realise it can be awkward to turn here, and the best option is to park in my driveway – it’s wide enough for everything up to a Range Rover, but you just need to swing wide to pull in. Try pointing towards the telegraph pole on the opposite side of the road for the correct angle. And when turning or reversing, my neighbour directly opposite is quite happy for people to reverse into her driveway.

 For further information  on Serendipity, Sutton on Trent, Newark contact Tracey on 07929 011610

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