Remember Remember the 5th of November
6th October 2009
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Remember remember the 5th of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

We see no reason why Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot!!

Good Bonfire Guidelines

So you can't resist it. If you are determined to have a bonfire, follow these

• Only burn dry material
• Never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, or anything containing
plastic, foam or paint.
• Never use old engine oil, meths or petrol to light the fire or to
encourage it.
• Avoid lighting a fire in unsuitable weather conditions - smoke hangs in
the air on damp, still days and in the evening. If it is windy, smoke may
be blown into neighbour’s gardens and across roads.
• Never leave a fire unattended or leave it to smoulder - douse it with
water if necessary

Any Newark firework displays or local bonfire events I am happy to include on our events listings so let me know.

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