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17th January 2014
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Reload Games is a retail shop in Newark which is dedicated to selling games, accessories and consoles old and new.The staff at Reload Games used to work at the Newark Gamestation and when it closed they felt that Newark’s residents “deserved and needed a dedicated games retailer” and so came up with the idea of opening Reload Games. They faced some difficulties finding supplies at the beginning but now they have a wide range of products available in Newark and on their online amazon store. If there is anything that you can’t find in store, the friendly staff at Reload Games will be more than happy to find it and order it in for you.


Reload Games will also eventually be somewhere where gamers not only buy games but will be able to play them. The staff at Reload Games are currently organising tournaments. This means that games enthusiasts will have the opportunity to play current or retro games in store against other games enthusiasts. Nothing has yet been finalised in regards to what games will be available in these tournaments but I do know that it will not only be video games but board games and card games will possibly be on the menu. Pokemon card game tournament anyone? To find out more simply visit Reload Games’website as they will be posting up information about their tournaments when they finalise the details. If there is a particular game that you want included in the upcoming tournaments at Reload Games then why not recommend it to the staff? All their contact details are on their website and they would be happy to receive your suggestions.


So, with so much happening at Reload Games why not go explore what they have to offer?


Reload Games are members of the Totally Locally group and make an attempt to use as many other local businesses whenever they can in order to support their community.


You can contact them by:


calling 01636 674575


following @ReloadGames1

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