"Passion on paper"- Thank you Louise!
9th December 2011
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Just had a review meeting regarding my TheBestof Newark Web presence. As ever, lots of ideas flowed but the general agreement was that the forthcoming year requires passion.

That should be easy for business owners because I would hope that most people who are in business for themselves will be passionate about the product or services they can supply. Why would you not be passionate and yet put up with the pain that can be “working for yourself".

Clearly 2012 is going to be an interesting year, and in order to succeed we have got to find ways to use our marketing budgets more creatively and get down in writing the passion we fill about those products or services. Whilst social media should be a key part of our marketing, paper also has its place and thus I would suggest to business owners that they have to  "get passionate" on paper! Thank you Louise for triggering the idea. Watch this space.


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