Newark's story - it's worth telling
11th May 2012
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Everyone loves a story. It’s a well-known fact that an interesting story makes everyone’s ears prick up in the middle of the dullest of lectures. How is it then, that you can walk around a beautiful and historic town like Newark and ‘miss’ the story?

Recently, I have had to make some big life changing decisions and exchange a well-established career for the ‘thrills and spills ‘of starting my own business.  So have many other people, but we'll all have a story to tell.

So what of this town, ‘Who built that castle? Why is it a ruin? Why did bad King John die in screaming agony in the chamber above the Gatehouse? What was Queen Henrietta doing here? Who was Prince Rupert? Why was Newark besieged? 

Undoubtedly, the Civil war in the Seventeenth Century was one of the most dramatic times Newark has seen; a first class museum to tell the story is a must and would be a magnet for visitors irrespective of where the funding comes from. Let's fill Newark's Bed and Breakfasts with trippers!

Where there’s a story to be told, it should be told because it’s worth telling.

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