Meet John Simpson web designer extraordinaire
9th May 2010
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John Simpson is Ketchup Marketing's Director of Interactive and Web Development

Forget big glasses, comedy ties and short-sleeved bri-nylon shirts. In fact, drop the whole technorak mental picture. John may have an absurdly profound understanding of multimedia technology, he may have been one of IBM’s web development stars, he may be fixated with the latest advances in web technologies. But geek he ain’t.


Think, instead, of a guy with the sort of drive needed to produce the most professional job possible for his clients. Or to take a rally-prepped Nova to the Nürburgring. Think of someone capable of directing infernally difficult web development and specialist programming. And making it look easy. Think of a free spirit who promises that, one day, he will take a roadcruise across America – and then the world.

 For the moment he has come to Newark to offer his brilliant web design skills!


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