Light and Shade
19th September 2009
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Light and Shade

One of the challenges for me as an artist, having my own gallery, is to produce new work for each of the four exhibitions held here each year. I feel it is important to ensure that each exhibition includes new work that is different in subject and style to work shown in previous shows.

With the ‘Light and Shade’ exhibition I have produced a series of paintings that reflect my on-going interest in ceramics and architecture, man-made subjects as opposed to the landscape format that I normally paint. The work on show underlines my interest in how light can be made to move across a subject be it a ceramic vessel, bridge or tower and how the symmetry of these man-made subjects and the negative spaces around them can be manipulated with the use of subtle changes in colour and tone.

My work in this exhibition takes me away from the ‘comfort zone’ of painting landscapes into a more constrained creative process which conversely brings about a greater freedom of expression.


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