Just got to share this great review for Saks Hairdressers, Newark
9th June 2011
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The point of sharing this review for Saks Newark is twofold; a/ it is great for my staff to see their hard work appreciated and b/ I wanted personally to thank our customer Carolyn for taking the time to recommend us.

This is what Carolyn had to say on our website:

'Just to say that SAKS Newark is a great place to get your hair styled. I have been a Saks Newark customer for several years. Firstly with Claire and when she left I was with Annette and Lisa. I sometimes have a change and try other salons in Newark but always return to Saks. When Lisa was on maternity leave I had my hair styled by Nikayla and Annette. Now Lisa is back I have gone back to her. The fact is that your staff are a credit to you. They are always welcoming and it is great to see Sarah back. She is very professional, knows your customers and what they want. Last week I could not get in with Lisa, and Sarah helped get me get an appointment with Jo, who also did a great job of cutting! my hair. It is important for clients to know who they are speaking to on the telephone. It is an important factor for me to know that I will be having my hair styled in a salon which is welcoming, relaxing and you are made to feel special and the staff listen to what you want.. Saks offers this. I was sorry to hear that Annette had left, as she also was a credit to your salon as are the girls that you have working for you. I hope that you value your staff because they are the reason that I and I am sure many others keep returning.'

Thank you from all of us at Saks Newark

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