Have you worn your T-Shirt back to front?
16th July 2010
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My intuition is that I'm not the only one; that everyone else isn't apparently sanguine and calm. Although on the face of it - it doesn't look good! Evidence includes wearing tops inside out (and no such luck that the label shouts designer) and leaving front doors unlocked (with keys still in door - on the outside of course, shouting come on in all ye burglars) As you can see, shouting apart and limiting the evidence to two 'bites', I am actually coming apart.

It's that time of year - end of term activities, summer holidays which don't actually include a holiday and working. Yet my friends and acquaintances seem to manage it sublimely - so why can't I?

One friend did Valencia, Amsterdam and Oxford in one week and is still electrifying. I did Boston (and that is Boston Lincolnshire, not Boston Massachusettes) for one morning and had to have a lie-down! I saw this same friend at the train station yesterday; I was dressed down - I suppose some would call it grungy, she was in luscious pink on her way to London. I was picking a relative up!

I will no doubt teeter into the holidays and precariously travel through the weeks until I reach September. I have however resigned myself that anything lost will probably be in the fridge (usually the lipstick) and will be banking on my clients helping me if I am indeed sitting infront of them with my T-shirt back to front.

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