Happy New Year, 2011, Newark
3rd January 2011
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Whether it's relief that 2010 has ended or a desire to change my life for the better, New Year in my household always starts with lists. For example there is the diet list:

  • I will eat breakfast - every day
  • I will start the day with boiled water and a squeeze of lemon (really - how long do I think that one will last!)
  • My daughter will eat healthy lunches and I will try to negotiate the crisps issue with her grandmother

 Then there is the work/career list:

  • I will introduce a fail safe time management schedule to my working days 
  • I will take the business/career to the next level
  • And so on and so on. This is a very big list - too big to blog.

 Domestic list:

  • Another timetable of chores
  • Training new pup not to chew everything inlcuding the charger for my Blackberry
  • Incorporate dusting into chores! This is not such a big list

 Personal list:

  • Well that's just private!

Happy New Year and here is wishing Newark and all my bestofnewark business members a great 2011




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