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15th September 2011
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I've been working recently with many more people who are still paying more on their line rentals than actual phone calls..

Sounds silly but many of you are possibly in the same boat…

The thing is, this boat is sinking and taking your money with it.

So if you would prefer not to drown in the ocean of high line rentals & call charges with little service for your money..
Globalnet can throw you a life jacket and take you out of the ocean and to a place where line rentals are cheaper… local and national calls are free..
And you wont need to send a message in a bottle if you need help… which lets face it.. it’s the reality of todays service from many providers!

We can provide everything you need including mobiles, telephone systems, call & lines from single sites to multi installations.
So make sure when you next think about your telecoms, Globalnet is the first point of contact

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