Essential questions to ask when choosing an estate agent
3rd October 2012
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James Jeffrey, of independent local estate agents Alasdair Morrison and Partners, gives advice on some key questions to ask. James says: “Your property is likely to be the most expensive item you’ll ever own and sell, so you want to make sure you choose the right estate agent for you. Ask these key questions to narrow down your choices.

“How long have you been working in this area?" Longevity, experience and local knowledge are vital when selling a home.

“Have you sold properties similar to mine?" Ask for specific examples of similar properties, how long they took to sell, and of course, what price was finally agreed.

“Do you have many buyers on your books looking for properties like mine?" A good estate agent should be able to match existing buyers to your property and arrange initial viewings.

“How will you market my property?" Specifically, which publications and which property websites do they use? Ask to see examples of property details - online and in print.

“Who will deal with my sale?" Will I have one point of contact, or many? Will the sales negotiators visit my property? How experienced are they and what training have they received?"

“How will you handle viewings?" Do you accompany buyers and will it be the same person each time?"

“What happens when we’re in a chain?" Can you explain the process to me and how you’ll handle it? What problems should I be aware of?

“What are your professional qualifications and affiliations? How do you handle complaints? Do you have a professional agents code of practice?

“How do you actually value my property? Do you hold Chartered Surveyor status?" Ask them about the local property market. Sellers should be very wary of an estate agent who over-values their property to win an instruction.

“How much do you charge?" Percentage or fixed fee? Are there any additional charges? Are you getting value for money? Ask to see a contact and consider the terms and conditions.

James finishes: This is an important decision. The best opportunity to sell your house at the highest possible price is when it first comes to the market. Long selling periods can result in your home becoming ‘stale’ and you may have to consider dropping the price. Choosing the right estate agent at the outset is vital.” For more information, contact Alasdair Morrison and Partners at Newark 01636 700888 | Southwell 01636 813971

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