Christmas Sparkle
20th November 2009
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Christmas Sparkle for Newark

Time to shine; I love Christmas so here are a few tips on how can you look fabulous with all that is happening this month.

1: Allow yourself a bit of time – once a week have a soak in the bath, put in some lovely scented bath oil and not only will you relax but your skin will be softened without a huge amount of effort.

2: Glistening skin – use spray body oil, you can even get them with sparkly bits!!

3: Remember your hands are on show- rub oil into the cuticles (olive oil will do) give them a bit of a scrub and apply cream as often as you remember.

4: Nail polish will last longer if you apply a base and top coat. It takes a bit more time but is worth it.

5: Remember your feet – they will be hauled out of boots to go in glitzy heels so massage cream into them as often as you can.

6: Face masks a great pick me up for the skin – just 10 minutes then moisturise well.

7: Dark circles under the eyes – buy a light reflecting concealer it can work wonders.

8: Luscious Lips – keep them soft with lip balms and nourishing lipstick.
9: For Youthful Glowing skin treat yourself to a professional facial – or get your partner to buy you one for the New Year!!

10: Smile – it always lightens and brightens your face and makes your eyes sparkle!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

With Love and Light

Tracey Hughes
Phone: 07929 011610

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