Chocolate, Moonfruit and a Ball
27th September 2008
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Cassandra emailed me the other day with details about her themed Ball - Chocolate!

I think it is a bit of a myth that only women get passionate about chocs. My dad had a thing for milk chocolate digestives which he used to hide in his car. (As kids we always used to know where to go when we had the munchies). One of my London flatmates used to put chocolate in his chilli con carne! We thought he was mad and never let him forget it. I think acutally he was ahead of his time in the culinary department. And we girls have all had blokes, less Milk Tray Man, and more Double Decker Man who have demolished all our treats leaving the unwanted one in the box.

Anyway my point is this: A chocolate ball will appeal to both sexes and it is supporting two marvellous children charities 'When You Wish Upon A Star' and 'Hope House School'

I will leave you with this quote 'Chocolate makes otherwise normal people melt into strange states of ecstasy' I can't say I have experienced this yet but then I am more of a savoury person!

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