'Can't take it with you' - writing a will is so important
23rd January 2011
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Lou last week mentioned the Gerry Robinson BBC 2 programme on making wills which can cause huge controversy within families.

At Making Money Making Sense we can help people who are struggling to make their wills. Big decisions do need to be talked about . This week the programme centred on parents playing favourites with their children. If beneficiaries don't understand the reasons behind wills - it can cause chaos and appear divisive.

Wills are not difficult, it is the decisions that go around making a will that troubles most clients but is something that we have been dealing with alongside clients for years. Utilising trusts can be a key part of our planning and it was interesting to see last week that in both scenarios the solicitor put that forward as a relatively easy way to resolve the issues.

We work with a dedicated trust company and can offer expert guidance but the real issue is often just having a third party to whom the customer can bounce their thoughts and start to get their thinking in order. We usually ask to meet with the client's trustees (often the children) and explain to them what the parents are doing and how it benefits them.

We can also take account of their existing arrangements and shelter these within trusts where necessary.

If there is anything on you mind or you are finding decisions difficult to make don't hesitate to give me, Martin Chapman, a call on Newark (01636) 609864

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