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Kingfisher Inn, Neath

I actually lived in the kingfisher when my mum and dad owned it between 1988 and 1992. It was a lovely country pub then, we had the garden turned into a childrems paradise with swings climbing frames etc. The meals were popular and the regulars loved the atmosphere. Sadly my parents decided to give up the self employed avenue in 1992. After this teh pub had numerous owners, too many to count and no one stayed for more than a few months. The pub has gone down hill since then, at one stage i remember it being turned into a mini nightclub - black walls ceilings, disco lights etc, not really suitable for a country pub, needless to say it didnt last long!!! and now look at it, boarded up and up for sale, garden is a mess, and building is looking awful, I hate driving passed it now to see it going to ruin. WHat a waste of what could have been a lovely home or business for someone. I just wish i could afford to buy it and renovate it into a fab family home.