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There are many people, who travel a lot, which means that there are those, who once had the love of their life which was marred by only one problem – distance. Sometimes it seems that such relationships are doomed to a tragic end, but it doesn’t have to be so. We’ve put together a list of tips on how to maintain and develop a harmonious relationship no matter what. Who knows, you might need them one day.
BEWARE! Your property may be being watched. If you ever thought, "Oh! It's Ok, there aren't burglaries in my area" then you might get a shock.
The council may have backed down from having clear plastic bags for our non-recyclable rubbish but they are still sticking with the one bag per household per week. How many black bags do you put out?
Wood Green, The Animals Charity is urging responsible pet owners to protect their pets this fireworks season. From Bonfire Night to New Year celebrations, every year thousands of animals suffer as a result of fireworks being let off.
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