Learning to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Going: 8 Essential Steps
2nd November 2018
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There are many people, who travel a lot, which means that there are those, who once had the love of their life which was marred by only one problem – distance. Sometimes it seems that such relationships are doomed to a tragic end, but it doesn’t have to be so. We’ve put together a list of tips on how to maintain and develop a harmonious relationship no matter what. Who knows, you might need them one day.

1) More communication

Try to chat and talk as often as possible. Use text messages, phone calls, Skype, emails, carrier pigeons, whatever. It’s important to keep in touch and play a significant role in each other's daily lives.


2) Sort things out

Before you get too far, ask each other important questions to make sure you both expect the same from it. Decide who you are to each other. Yes, these questions are awkward and difficult to ask, but you need to sort things out to avoid misunderstanding and insults. You can discuss whether one of you is ready to move to another city for the sake of a relationship and talk about what you and your loved one are looking for in it. Knowing each other’s expectations and goals, each of you will be much more confident in your union.


3) Find a joint hobby

Those, who live together, spend most of their time on some joint pastime. And distance is not an obstacle in this case. You can watch some show or film together, cook dinner while having a video chat, sing karaoke, or read the same book. There are a lot of possibilities out there.


4) Remember about the advantages you get

You can spend most of your spare time hanging out with buddies; you don’t quarrel over some minor stuff; you don’t take your anger out on your loved one, and so on. And most importantly - being away from each other, you’ll retain your individuality unlike couples, who live together and spend almost all their free time together.


5) Don’t try to control your partner

While you’re both interested in a relationship, you’ll support them. But as soon as one of you decides that your romance is gradually moving towards its end or falls in love with someone else, you’re done, no matter what distance between you.


6) Stay upbeat

The main thing is to stay positive and never let yourself focus on the negative aspects of the situation. Yes, you’re far from your companion, but you can pay more attention to work, hobbies, or your interests. In addition, such relationships force you to invent new ways to stay in touch all the time, revealing your creativity. Your loved one will share your positive attitude, and you’ll feel each other’s support.


7) Make your partner a very personal gift

Give your loved one some personal trinket they can carry with them and feel your warmth. Such cute things bring the feeling of happiness when you’re lonely.


8) Make up your own list of things your relationships should be built on

This will be a common goal both of you will try to reach together. What to add to this list? Well, you can strive towards accepting each other as you are, being honest and developing trust, seeking spiritual unity, openly talking about each other’s problems and concerns, that kind of thing.


Any relationship is a difficult job. Long-distance ones are twice as difficult. However, there are a lot of stories about couples that manage to stay happy despite the distances.

Think of Polar scientists that have to spend months on Arctic research stations or men divided by thousands of miles from their partners or brides

We hope that our article will help those, who may have begun to lose faith in their long-distance relationship. Nothing can stop you on your way to happiness!

All content provided by and courtesy of Aleksander Pichkur

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