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Did you know that approximately 40% of the food we eat is imported? As one of the most environmentally aware charities in the Macclesfield area, Food4Macc wants to see more food grown locally, supporting local producers and encouraging residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Food4Macc needs your help to join their scheme, either by providing land, helping to cultivate the produce or provide sponsorship. Read more
Martin B said
Food 4 Macc are volunteers who come together to promote gardening in the home and within the local community, as well as raising awareness of environmental issues. They have helped All Hallows Catholic College develop their garden project and worked with our students, sharing their expertise. They believe in sustainability and growing local produce. Food 4 Macc were nominated for the Silk FM Social Enterprise of the Year by All Hallows and were eventual winners.
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In March 2011, Abercrombie A said about Food4Macc
I am a member of several groups and organisations in local area but F4M is truly special. For a group which has been going such a relatively short period it has achieved so much. The people who had the vision to begin the group have worked so hard in many ways and through their energy and tireless endeavour have inspired many others. Despite a huge amount of work at the computer and telephone; contacting media to publicise the aims of F4M,giving talks,stalls at various events; preparing and planting community gardens and supporting others in a practical way, this group remains energetic,optimistic,inspirational,welcoming,supportive and, best of all FUN!
In March 2011, Tim S said about Food4Macc
This is a real grass roots organisation, one that is driven by the shared enthusiasm of a bunch of people that want to see local Macc people grow and eat more locally produced food. Within a few months of being involved, I know 20 or 30 people I didn't know before and together we are helping people reconnect with where their food comes from. It's a great organisation to be involved in.
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Food4Macc a 'growing' concern in Macclesfield
  • 14th July 2011
Food4Macc is a non-profit making voluntary enterprise whose aims are to have more food produced locally for the benefit of both the environment and the community of Macclesfield.... Read more
Go Green This Summer, and Save Money at the Same Time!
  • 10th April 2011
Food4Macc is hosting a Composting Workshop at Macclesfield Romero Centre All Hallows Catholic College, for tips and hints on all things green! Read more