Go Green This Summer, and Save Money at the Same Time!
10th April 2011
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We all have recycling boxes and like to think we think green, some more than others perhaps, but in reality it is not always that easy.



Food4Macc is hosting a talk on Composting on the 14th April, and this could be just the step up you could take to make your household a little greener, and save money at the same time!



Vegetables undoubtedly taste better when home grown, and even better so with composting from your own vegetable waste as a by-product. Food4Macc will be giving you tips on how to get started on your composting quest, and ultimately end up with a fruitful vegetable garden and much tastier food. This will also cut a good 15 minute off your weekly food shopping by cutting out the entire salad aisle! What are you waiting for?



The session is also a chance to swap produce, and so Food4Macc welcomes any products you may wish to bring with you, and there will be tips on seeding and getting started.



Admission for members to the Romero Centre All Hallows Catholic College is free, for non-members a small £2 fee applies.



The session starts at 7.30pm at Romero Centre All Hallows Catholic College.

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