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In these times of electronic communications and 'virtual' conversations on twitter, facebook and YouTube, good old fashioned face-to-face networking is still the most genuine method of business promotion
Ok, so those annoying Southerners may have bagged most of the 2012 Olympic action, but the Olympic Torch will be coming to Macclesfield and surrounding areas. Make a date in your diary to mark this once in a lifetime event in true Maxonian style!
If you've entered 2012 looking a bit tired and bedraggled, never fear - there are salons and treatments available in Macclesfield to perk up your look without breaking the bank. Just the thing to get the New Year off to a dazzling start.
Having so far been blessed with an unexpectedly mild winter, what better time to get out and about locally and appreciate the beauty and variety of our local landscapes, whether you want to walk, cycle or just take in the view.
Tis the season to be jolly!Macclesfield is full of happy smiley people, thoroughly enjoying our favourite time of year, or so we're told. It's not a crime to feel down in the dumps at this time of year, but there are ways of keeping your spirits up
Head to the MacIlroy Suite at Macclesfield Town FC where you will be transported back in time in a 70's night disco party guaranteed to have you singing along to the songs you thought you'd forgotten (and possibly wish you had!)
When Christmas is all done and dusted, let your Christmas tree make money for East Cheshire Hospice!
Make sure you know exactly which bins go out when, what goes in them and you don't miss the last post this Christmas!
Taking place from December 2nd to 24th 2011, WinterFest Macclesfield features an eclectic mix of events that are sure to appeal to all ages and tastes during the run up to Christmas.
If you or your family are firmly under the spell cast by Harry Potter and friends, then you won't want to miss this Wizarding Winter Fayre dedicated to Hogwarts finest! Have a wizard time and pick up a magical gift for a loved one this Christmas.
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