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Based in Macclesfield, leading scrap metal merchants and waste merchants, Henshaws Waste and Metal Recyclers are your first choice for trade and domestic waste services and recycling.


With over 20 years in the trade and domestic waste industry, Henshaws Waste and Metal Recyclers is the largest integrated waste management specialist in the North West.



From its base in Macclesfield, Henshaws takes waste and metal recycling extremely seriously and tailors its waste disposal and recycling services to each client's needs in order to provide a consistently excellent offering.



Waste such as paper and cardboard is simple to deal with; however, the disposal of industrial waste and metal is not. As a fully licensed waste transfer station and recycling plant, Henshaws has the experience and knowledge to dispose and recycle your waste in a safe, cost-effective, ethical manner.



Henshaws Waste and Metal Recyclers provides a daily waste collection from business premises, such as restaurants, shops and offices, across the borough of Macclesfield and throughout the North West. It also offers a full, on-site tipping service at its base on Moss Lane, as well as domestic and commercial skip hire.



Please call 01625 424 424 or 01625 425 425 for further details.




Trade waste



Make your waste Henshaw's business



Whether you need occasional collections or your business produces large amounts of waste, you can rely on Henshaws Waste and Metal Recyclers for a convenient, economical service.



As specialists in trade waste management, Henshaws is renowned for its efficient and economic services, which provide total peace of mind for the customer.



Clients include:



  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants






Rather than immediately opting for traditional disposal techniques, recycling construction, demolition and industrial site waste can not only significantly reduce the impact your company has on landfill, but also portray you as an environmentally aware business, which can have a positive effect on your brand.



As one of leading metal recyclers in the UK, Henshaws buys all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, in addition to end-of-life and old, unused vehicles, which are then recycled.



Other environmentally friendly, cost-effective waste recycling carried out by Henshaws includes:



  • Hardcore
  • Soil
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Green waste
  • Plastic




Contact Henshaws



Henshaws is open seven days a week - please call them on 01625 425 425 to discuss your waste and recycling needs.




Please remember to mention The Best of Macclesfield when contacting Henshaws Waste and Metal Recyclers.


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