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Looking for an instructor in your area? Be sure to use one that can let you view your progress online. Only pupils registered with www.yourprogressreport.co.uk can see a full, detailed view of their progress, and only instructors using Jbadi Software Progress Planner can give that to you. Serving Macclesfield, Cheshire and the UK.

Developed by software developers, The Codeweaver, and Macclesfield driving instructor, John Brocklehurst, www.yourprogressreport.co.uk along with instructors using the Jbadi Software Progress Planner, is a training aid that is set to change the way that driving schools across the UK operate and was recently shortlisted for Dragon's Den.



Although new to the market, hundreds of learner drivers have already benefited from the Your Progress Report training aid and have become safe, confident drivers by being able to monitor their development from the day they first step into a driving school car until the moment they pass their driving test.




Learner Drivers - What's in it for You?



Imagine if you could access a place where they can monitor your own improvement, clearly see your strengths and weaknesses and even be able to view a graph to see your development overall! With these essential tools, you would begin to fully understand the standard you need to gain a full driving license.



Your Progress Report is exactly that; created by Macclesfield software developers The Codeweaver, in conjunction with local driving instructor, John Brocklehurst, the training aid is set to change the way that driving schools throughout the UK operate and the way you learn to drive.



Developed using this combination of software know-how and practical driving instructor experience, www.yourprogressreport.co.uk is a simple, easy-to-use website that gives you instant access to your progress at the click of a button.



Join with a friend and create that competitive edge to your learning. You'll be surprised just how much your driving improves now that you have full access to your own progress report!



With Your Progress Report, you will enjoy:


  • A full breakdown of each lesson
  • Lesson notes for each lesson so the instructor can give help and tips for private practise
  • Parents or family can access the site with the student to monitor development and plan any additional training between driving lessons and act more like an instructor and pin-point areas for improvement rather than just going on an aimless drive
  • Students view colour coded reports that show strengths and weaknesses, graded 1 to10 each grade has a seperate colour going from red, through amber and finally to green
  • View your own graph showing overall progression
  • Full theory test practise
  • Even win prizes each month just for knowing your highway code!
  • Visit www.yourprogressreport.co.uk and sign up, it won't cost you a penny but it could save you £££££'s. We can even find you an instructor using our software


Driving Instructors - How can your learner's benefit from www.yourprogressreport.co.uk?



You need to be using the Jbadi Software Progress Planner; you can try it for free from www.jbadisoftware.co.uk



Why use the Jbadi Software Progress Planner?



Simple answer; you will be offering your students something that has never been available to them before and has been over-looked for too long - a clear understanding of their progress and of what they need achieve to reach the standard required to pass today's practical driving test.



If you've been a successful driving instructor for years, your first thought is probably, 'why should I download Jbadi Software Progress Planner software when I'm doing perfectly well as I am?'



Well, ask yourself this question:



How many times have you been asked:



"How am I doing?"

"When can I take my test?"

"What do I need to focus on?"



The fact is that irrespective of whether they are learning with an independent instructor or one of the national driving schools, each and every student driver is unsure of their own development and needs reassurance from a professional that they are moving forward at a steady pace.



Sign up to use the Jbadi Software Progress Planner and enjoy the following features:


  • Full pupil management system
  • Categorize student; either Current, On Break or Archived
  • Driving instructors can upload students' reports at the click of a button
  • Detail the areas you want your student to focus on and set targets
  • Give your learners a clear and precise view of their progress
  • Receive learners from your area wanting lessons with our instructors
  • Keep up to date with financial transactions - see the credit each learner has left on their account at a glance
  • Online help and support


And if your new student has had lessons with another driving instructor using the Jbadi Software Progress Planner, all of their information will be made available to you so that you can gauge their development so far.




Contact Us



Would you like to hear more about how Your Progress Report can benefit your driving school? Simply visit the website of Jbadi Software for more information and to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team.



Want to see Your Progress Report in action? Visit our dedicated website to discover what your student drivers will enjoy with our simple yet effective site.




Please remember to mention The Best of Macclesfield when contacting John Brocklehurst at Macclesfield software developers, Jbadi Software regarding Your Progress Report - innovative software that will change the face of driving schools throughout the UK


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