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Garden Crime - are you prepared?

Don't let green fingered thieves spring clean your shed.

Scam Awareness Month - Doorstep Crime

When someone tries to sell you something or gets you to sign up for something in your home, someone else’s home or your place of work, they may be a genuine salesperson, but sometimes it’s a scam. This is known as doorstep crime.

May is Scam Awareness Month!

May is Scam Awareness Month and we have the scam spotting quiz for you to take.

Are you 'Cyber Streetwise'?

17 January 2014 17:26

Are you savvy online? Perhaps not as streetwise online as you would like to be or think you are?

Internet groomer jailed for ten years

A 40-year-old man has today been jailed for grooming teenaged girls on the internet and entering into a sexual relationship with some of them.

Possible scam telephone call warning from Harborough District Council

Please be aware that a company calling themselves Lutterworth Consumer Company have been calling mobile numbers wanting to ask a series of questions that could be answered as yes or no.

Street Lighting and Perception of Safety

We are all aware of various cuts to services over the last few months and years as austerity hits home in communities across England and Wales.

Police urge respect and tolerance this Halloween

The police and local councils are hoping to reduce the number of calls they receive on Halloween night by encouraging people to trick and treat only where they are welcome.

Fire safety: Flyer available

09 October 2013 20:29

With Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night approaching, make sure you celebrate and have fun safely.

Police ask public to hand in unwanted firearms

Leicestershire Police is holding a two week long firearms amnesty to appeal for the surrender of unlawfully held and unwanted firearms and ammunition.

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