Street Lighting and Perception of Safety
23rd October 2013
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We are all aware of various cuts to services over the last few months and years as austerity hits home in communities across England and Wales.

One of the concerns raised to the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network has been about how reductions in street lighting might affect crime and safety in our communities. Talking to our partners, leading personal safety charity Suzy Lamplugh Trust, it became apparent that they were also aware of these concerns from the public.

We decided to undertake a joint piece of work with Suzy Lamplugh Trust consisting of a survey about people’s perceptions of crime and safety where they live, together with Freedom of Information requests concerning cuts to street lighting. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to take the survey, which can be found at:

The survey closes at 5 pm on 1st November 2013 and the results will be analysed and, where information is available, compared with data on cuts to services. There is also the possibility to compare with actual crime figures.

We know that street lighting concerns many members of the public as well as Neighbourhood and Home Watch members – please take this opportunity to have your say and spread the word.

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