Top tips on avoiding identity theft this summer
15th July 2013
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The company is urging British tourists to be vigilant when it comes to protecting yourself from fraudsters whilst you are travelling abroad or within the UK.

Director for Equifax. “As well as taking credit cards, holidaymakers carry a lot of important personal information with them, including their passport and driving licence. 

This makes them prime targets for ID fraud because it can only take three items of information about an individual for a fraudster to be able to steal their identity. Holidaymakers need to be vigilant at all times and aware of the security of their personal documents and belongings.

“When travelling abroad holidaymakers need to be particularly aware of the increasing fraud risks. But it’s not just on foreign holidays that consumers need to be vigilant. With more people opting for a ‘staycation’ in the UK, this also presents opportunities for fraudsters.

Equifax’s top tips to keep your identity safe whilst on holiday 

  • Don’t clearly display your home address on your luggage. Instead use a work address or mobile phone number.
  • Don’t write down PINs – use a more memorable number. 
  • Keep your personal documents, such as your passport, in the hotel safe.
  • In crowds, keep your bag either strapped across your body or held firmly.
  • A concealed money belt is an ideal way to carry your cards and valuables.
  • Leave your passport number with someone in the UK in case it is stolen or lost. Don’t carry these details around with you.
  • Have the phone numbers for your bank with you so you can quickly cancel any lost or stolen cards
  • Make sure your mobile/smartphone is password protected.
  • On the return home, check statements and your credit file to make sure there hasn’t been any fraudulent activity.

For further information please visit the Equifax website. 

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