Tax Rebate Scam
3rd November 2011
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Suspicions have been raised by Neighbourhood Watch colleagues when an e-mail purporting to be from HMRC regarding a tax refund was received.

Three things to look out  with this scam email:
1. The e-mail address at the top of the document. is not a recognised email address site for online tax affairs.
2. It asks you to download a form to reclaim your tax rebate.
This simply asks for your complete Bank details and credit card numbers!!
3. Nowhere does it quote your tax reference number.

The Neighbourhood Watch members contacted the local tax consultant and it was said that it is a scam to try to get bank details.
At no time should you give your Bank details or credit card numbers to anyone even if they say they are from you bank or card suppliers, if they are who they say they are they will have all your information already

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