Spring is in the air!
5th March 2012
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We start to get out and about; gardening, walking, generally being more active!  Brilliant, it is really important for your health and well-being to get outdoors - fresh air, sunshine enabling Vitamin D, which is essential to keep bones strong, a good all-round immune booster and vital for the nervous system and hence brain function.


So when you’ve over done the gardening digging over the veg. patch, setting the potatoes or sowing seeds and that back is twinging it’s time to give me a call. Remedial Massage therapy will release any muscle tension and provide relief from your aches.


If you’re not a gardener but a walker, runner, or a d.i.y.-er it’s very likely that you too will become more active. This is great as increasing your physical activity by 30 minutes walking a day or 15 minutes jogging, cycling or swimming a day is associated with cutting your risk of premature death by 20%, and exercise is effective in preventing all kinds of illnesses from heart disease to diabetes.


Any aches, pains, discomfort or stress you encounter can be relieved with a fantastic Remedial Massage, it is a deep tissue firm massage on the soft tissues of the body. Jennifer will assess your condition and with you will agree the treatment, she works with you and ensures you feel comfortable during the massage. Jennifer may advise any appropriate exercise or stretches to assist your condition.


OFFER - New massage technique and skills just learnt from the No Hands Massage Company; Transforming Touch an introduction to an advanced massage approach which integrates the most recent concepts in bodywork. A fantastic full body massage at a introductory trial price of £15 but only up to18th March, that’s just on time for Mothers Day.


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