My First Beauty Treatment
2nd April 2012
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I’m not much of a girlie girl – as you’ll be well aware if you know me personally. I detest the constant pushing of the colour pink for anything remotely connected with the female gender and I’m far more interested in computer tech, rock music and things with engines than I’ll ever be in make-up and designer labels. 

As for beauty treatments, well, gardening and playing guitar don’t go well with fancy stick-on nails, so it’s not something I’ve ever really considered trying. Besides, as the old saying goes, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear… 

So, when I was offered the chance to try out a ‘facial’ at Ullesthorpe Court Hotel’s Utopia beauty salon, I wasn’t at all sure that I would appreciate it – in fact, if I’m honest, I was quite apprehensive! I genuinely had absolutely no idea what it really entailed. But never one to turn down the chance to try something new, I cautiously accepted the offer. 

Today I went for my treatment… and I have to tell you that it really was MUCH nicer then I’d anticipated! I was met by beauty therapist Nicole, who seemed very nice and friendly and not at all scary (ok, she was wearing pink, but…!) and who didn’t seem at all fazed when I told her I’d never had a beauty treatment before. 

The start of the facial was my first surprise – I had assumed this was a treatment which concentrated on the face but, after a hard afternoon digging the garden yesterday, it was a pleasure to find that Nicole’s first action was a back massage ‘to help you relax’.  Apparently the back massage also helps the therapist ‘to make an expert diagnosis of your skin and overall health in order to provide you with the beauty treatment most suitable to your needs’. Well, whatever, it was very nice!  

Various facial treatments followed, including facial massages and a mask, and again Nicole was very diligent in checking whether I felt comfortable about the mask covering my eyes and/or lips (I said yes – in for a penny and all that. And it was fine!). She also carefully answered my questions about the various lotions and potions being used. Utopia uses Decléor products – aroma-skincare – and I have to say they did smell very good and very natural – no horrible synthetic smells. 

It all seemed to go by very quickly, and was certainly a very pleasant experience. My skin felt very clean and glowing afterwards and the effect is still there several hours later. 

Now, if I’m honest, even after trying it out for myself and seeing (feeling) all the skilled work of the therapist, I will say that I’m not entirely convinced (yet!) that such treatments and products really do anything to make you more ‘beautiful’ – as in defying ageing or removing the effects of too much alcohol or sun (or all the many other things that are supposed to be bad for your skin!)  BUT, and I think this is the key point for the many people (of both sexes) who are regular visitors to beauty salons, it makes you FEEL good! It’s a treat, it’s relaxing, it’s some time just for you. And in truth, feeling good probably does more to make you look beautiful than anything else! 

If, like me, you’ve never tried beauty treatments, or you’re a bit cynical about it all, I’d recommend you give Utopia a go – you might just find, as I have, that you’ve been missing out on something very pleasant all this time! 

Utopia welcomes non-residents and carries out a wide range of beauty treatments for both men and women.  Click here for the current range of special offers.



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