Massage and a great body
11th October 2011
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Here are the Top 6 reasons to consider massage as an aid to looking and feeling great at the party:

1. Massage stretches the muscles keeping them limber during exercise, decreasing the amount of soreness and helping prevent injury, thus enabling exercise to aid weight loss.

2. A firm massage improves the circulation of blood and lymph in the body, these are mechanisms for transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body and removing digestive and metabolic waste from the body.

3. Massage aids digestion of food and movement of food through the digestive system. By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, food is processed more readily and eliminated more effectively!

4.  Weight gain stretches the skin. Massage directly affects the skin by helping it to remain supple, thus allowing it to tighten during weight loss.

5. Massage helps to shorten the recovery time needed between your workouts. This means you can safely have more workouts over a given period of time, which in turn means that you have the opportunity to burn more total calories in your effort to achieve your individual weight loss goals!

6. A good massage generates heat in the local area which is conducted through the skin to the subcutaneous tissue. This helps in the mobilization of the fat depots which form cellulite.

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