Lutterworth Rotary President and Officers Change Over Day
25th June 2013
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John Turner the current President of Lutterworth Rotary handed over his position to our New President for 2013/14 David Toone on Monday 24th June.

In his farewell speech as President (2012/13) he said how much he had enjoyed his job in steering the club through a very successful year.  In thanking everyone for the various roles they had played during the year he highlighted a few individual members.

John Roberson our treasurer who not only looked after our books but is closely involved with the Leicestershire Disabled Sports team.  He was given a Paul Harris Award for his outstanding work during the year.

Peter Osborn for his work in promoting both Rotary and the Club through his regular Press releases and monthly club news sheet "The COG" reporting on both forthcoming and past activities of the club. He also received a Paul Harris Award by the club.

Bernard Johnson our secretary on the range of jobs outside his job title that he has undertaken for the club during his (John Turner) term of office.

Both Elaine Turner (no relation to John Turner) and Graham Johnson as our prime fund raisers running such events as our Annual Misterton Plant Sale - Ferret Racing - the Big Bike Ride and currently "The Proms" in July.

When John took office a year ago he voiced the hope that he would leave the club in good shape for his successor to take over.  This he has certainly done having lead the club through its Diamond Jubilee (60th) and our 4th Santa Fun Run last December.

He said his motto for the club had been "Can Do" - "Works for Us" while having Fun.

On the "down side" 2 valued members and 2 honorary members have died and one new member left as he moved to Preston. But on the "up side" we have gained 4 new members during the year.

In ending he wished our New President, David Toone a successful year.

David Toone (the New President) thanked John for his good wishes and said he had been set a daunting task to match the success of our out going President.

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