Inconsiderate parking on pavements and outside schools
19th January 2012
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Hope all is well in your neighbourhood?, Just to inform you that the Broughton Astley & Walton Beat team have a new project which has been in the pipeline. The concerns of inconsiderate parking on pavements and outside schools.

We have started to look into this problem on identifying offenders who park blocking pavements, Driveways etc. We are aware there are not many Yellow lines around the area but parking on pavements can cause problems for many. The main people who can be affected are women with pushchairs and people who have a mobility cart as they have to walk or ride on the road to avoid the parked vehicle which is on the pavement.

There are rules in parking which are,

1. Drivers must leave enough room for a double buggy pushchair or mobility cart to get through

2. Must NOT park on dropped kerbs for wheel chair access!

3. Must not park blocking driveways!

If an offending vehicle is reported to us the owner may find themselves with either an advice notice, a £30 fixed penalty notice or worst case the vehicle being removed if parked in a dangerous manner!

Please pass this message on to all residents you know as we have started this problem solving plan!

Many Thanks!

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