Hinckley & Rugby raises income multiple to four times
11th September 2014
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Hinckley & Rugby raises income multiple to four times

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, which lends throughout England & Wales, has today [September 11 2014] raised the multiples for its mortgages to four times single and four times joint incomes.

The new multiples apply to the Society’s full Loan to Value (LTV) range. They have increased from 3.5 times single or 2.9 times joint for applications at 80 per cent LTV or below or 3.25 times single or 2.75 times joint for applications above 80 per cent LTV.

Applications within these income multiples will still be subject to a free cash affordability assessment. The Society has updated its online calculator which can be used to check whether applicants would pass this assessment.

Hinckley & Rugby chief executive Chris White said: “Increasing our income multiples to four times will make our competitive mortgages and excellent, traditional and personal service available to more borrowers and for a wider range of property values.

“We will, of course, retain our guiding principle of making responsible lending decisions based on people’s ability to afford repayments now and in future. We hope more buyers, and their advisers, will now make Hinckley & Rugby a first choice for a mortgage.”

Because Hinckley & Rugby does not use automated underwriting, all lending decisions are taken by the Society’s staff. Credit scoring systems are not used – applicants with little or no credit history will not automatically be rejected.

Brokers – including directly authorised and appointed representatives – can easily access the Society’s underwriting decision makers to discuss individual circumstances.

Details of all the Society’s mortgages are at www.hrbs.co.uk

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