25,000 fewer victims of crime a year than 5 years ago
20th April 2012
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Leicestershire Police has achieved 4.3% reduction in crime in the face of significant challenges presented by the £34.5million reduction in the Force’s budget following the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).

A total of 68,151 crimes occurred in the 2011/2012, 3,083 fewer than last year. The Force reduced total crime by 4.3%, narrowly missing the 5% reduction target set by the Leicestershire Police Authority last year. In 2011/2012, all user satisfaction rates stayed above 86%, with the rates for burglary victims above 91% – the Policing Plan, released on March 30, 2012, laid out plans to achieve 88% satisfaction for all users in 2012/2013.

Chief Constable Simon Cole of Leicestershire Police said: “Protecting our communities is our core aim. The 4.3% reduction in crime has been achieved by working in partnership with local people, responding to what they tell us about criminality and incidents of anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhoods.”

Read the full details of the crime figures at :http://www.leics.police.uk/news/6256_year_end_crime_figures_show_crime/

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