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6th February 2013
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As a Small Business Owner it’s my responsibility to tailor my product for my clients, to ensure that it fits within the standards I want to portray and the pricing structure relevant to the client/customer that I am attracting.

This product has a place in the market which is again relevant to my potential audience, (no point selling car boot items at Harrods prices!) and each product has a place in my ‘store’ , in my case my website but it could be a physical shop, restaurant, market stall or shared space. We all know the benefits of having an Impulse Buy close to the tills and of having products that you can ‘upsell’ when you know the requirements of the purchaser and can match them to their desires. Promotion takes in all elements of the press & magazines, the radio, the internet, word of mouth, leaflets, business cards and more importantly, us, the Business owners and our responsibility for our own success by telling everyone what our product is, even our best friends because it is so easy to assume that people know what we do. I saw a comment on Twitter before Christmas where a retailer had said ‘100’s of people walk by my shop everyday’ I have to ask the question of why they walk by and not enter. Did they not know what the retailer sold? Why not? Had the product been promoted well? Or did the retailer not use the tools available to promote the business and product? Or was the retailer so involved in the negative aspect of people walking by, the cost of heat & light, cars parking all day in the street etc that they did not show the world what they sold? If people don’t know what we have to offer they’re not going to be coming to us for it!!!!!!

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