The 4th World Thumb Wrestling Championships, Lowestoft.
9th August 2012
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Whilst London was hosting the Olympics, here in Lowestoft we were hosting the 4th World Thumb Wrestling Championships 2012.

The venue was the Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft on Saturday 28th July.  I had the pleasure of accompanying two of Britain's up and coming thumb wrestling champions and got to meet two people off the telly.  The people of Lowestoft welcomed Rory McGrath and Will Mellor, who were taking part and filming as part of their channel 5 programme 'Rory and Will Champions of the World' which will be screened in the autumn.  

Participants place their thumbs in the ring and to win a round must hold down their opponents thumb for the time it takes to say "one, two, three, four, I win thumb-o-war".  After 3 rounds if there is no clear winner, it goes to sudden death and is decided by 'paper, scissors, stone'.

The winner of the men's championships was last year's runner up 'FLASH', and the ladies winner was first time participant 'BIG DIGIT'.  Unfortunately neither Rory and Will or my two friends (who's thumb wrestling names cannot be mentioned before 9pm) made the final rounds.

The crowds filled the Triangle Tavern in Lowestoft cheering on all entrants whilst the cameras were rolling.  If this was an olympic sport, I think Britain would be winning a gold medal.

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