Spooky Sightings in Lowestoft
9th September 2011
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Now that summer is sadly drawing to an end, we start to look forward to Autumn... which means Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner.

Now I'm not really one for all this 'Trick and Treating' lark but I'm all for a fun Halloween party (any excuse!) and I love it when people start exchanging ghost stories even though it scares me silly!

I've always wanted to go on one of the ghost walks in Lowestoft but never quite got around to it so I thought I'd delve into finding out a bit more about any spooky sightings and paranormal activity around the town....

If you've ever felt a sudden chill in the air whilst walking through the High Street it wouldn't be surprising.... numbers 35, 36 and 55 have all encountered ghostly experiences. Both 35 & 36 reportedly have a grey lady that haunts their cellars - the buildings were once knocked into one, but are now currently separate again. In number 55, way back in November 1974, an apparition was seen only twice on the same day. The ghost was seen in the upper part of the house by a builder who watched her climb the staircase to the second floor at midday. Later that day the owner of the property and his dog fled from the house after encountering the same experience. There have been no sightings reported since!

The former Birds Eye building has caused a few hair raising moments too..Seen by a couple of kitchen workers during the 1970's, the origin of a figure that walked across the room and through a wall is unknown. The area has long been haunted before Birds Eye moved in, mostly by poltergeist behaviour moving around boxes of fish (now that's what I call a lost SOLE! - sorry!).

Next time you drive through Corton near the Caravan Park be sure to look out for a man running along the road.. Two witnesses in a car were convinced they had run over a man who stepped out in front of their car. Described as wearing a knitted 'Benny' hat and having an unforgettable face, they searched the area but could find nothing.

We actually have our very own TheBestOf Lowestoft ghost right here at 38 Alexandra Road... although I haven't personally seen him yet. His name is Stan who was a World War II soldier allegedly struck down and killed by a bomb on this site -  I do hope he's a friendly chap!

Now these are just a few stories that I've unearthed, but I imagine there are lots more to tell.....If you've had a spine tingling experience (of the paranormal type, of course!!)  then please tell us about it. We'd love to hear about more ghostly goings on in Lowestoft.

We'll keep you posted over the next few weeks with  Halloween events in the town along with hints and tips on costumes, decorating pumpkins and party food ideas....


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